Chaikhana Chai Original

  • Chaikhana Chai Original
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Chaikhana Chai is an easy to use concentrate which is 100% natural, gluten free, low in sugar and shelf stable.

A micro-brew process using whole ingredients including; fair-trade and organic loose leaf tea, fresh ginger root, exotic chai spices, vanilla beans and honey creates a rich, satisfying infusion of flavors. Each batch is carefully brewed to ensure that you will always receive a quality product.


Original – Vanilla: Full flavored, deliciously smooth and dripping with the flavors of honey, vanilla beans and exotic chai spices.    

Masala – Spicy: Winner of a North American Tea Championship Award, this flavor is complex with a spicy kick.

Green – Lightly Sweet: Let your customer take a moment to unwind and enjoy a soothing cup of chai. With only 9 grams of sugar per serving, you can add a shot of flavor syrup to create seasonal chai specials.

Each gallon makes approximately: 51 (12oz.), 39 (16oz.), or 32 (20oz.) chai drinks.

Packaging: Case of 2 Gallon Jugs
Price: $76.00
ORDERING: Order in multiples of 2 jugs. Mix & match flavors.

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Chaikhana Chais

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